QphoX awarded €580K subsidy from QDNL to develop new Quantum Interconnect

DELFT, NETHERLANDS – QphoX, the world's first quantum modem provider, has been awarded a subsidy of €580K from Quantum Delta NL for a project to develop new forms of interconnects for networking quantum processors.

QphoX is the pioneer of new technology known as a Quantum Modem™. This device is the missing link to truly scalable quantum information processing. The technology is based on a quantum transducer that allows quantum processors operating at non-telecom frequencies to be connected via long-range, low-loss quantum channels.

Quantum Delta NL is the public-private partnership of global tech companies, government agencies, and major quantum research centers in the Netherlands and aims to position the Netherlands as a leading ecosystem in quantum technologies. The Quantum SME call, worth a total of 7.87 million euro, goes to ten leading SME quantum companies, selected by an advisory committee of scientists, investors and entrepreneurs based on technological potential, project quality, commercial potential as well as economic and social impact.

"This funding from Quantum Delta NL will enable us to connect a wider range of quantum systems through scalable telecom wavelength networks" said Robert Stockill, CTO and Co-founder, QphoX.

"It will help us kick-start the development of new technologies that will significantly enhance our portfolio of quantum modems and help us serve new customers" added Simon Groeblacher, CEO and Co-Founder, QphoX.

About QphoX:

QphoX is developing the world's first Quantum Modem™, a breakthrough device that will allow the quantum computing industry to scale through connectivity and parallelization and unlock the potential of the Quantum Internet. QphoX also provides optical readout and control solutions for quantum processors to address intermediate scaling challenges within single cryostats. QphoX is based in Delft, the Netherlands.

Press Release
16 September, 2022