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Our quantum transducer is based on coupling microwave and optical photons through a mechanical intermediary resonator. This process is based on the piezo-electric and optomechanical effects and is fully coherent and works bi-directionally.

By converting quantum information between the microwave domain and optical telecom frequencies, our transducers allow for low-loss and high-fidelity transmission of quantum states.

Low thermal conductivity optical fibers carry the quantum states in and out of the cryostat, where they can be measured or routed through an optical network.

hi, we're QPHOX, a quantum transduction company

We are building the world's first quantum modem™ device, connecting quantum computers across a quantum network. Our technology will form the backbone of the future quantum internet.

The missing link to truly scalable quantum information processing.
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High-Tech Grunderfonds
Quanto Nation
We build the technology that allows quantum computers to network together.
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Our technology allows quantum computers to interface at a distance through room-temperature optical interconnects.
Our technology is designed for compatibility & scalability and is fully compatible with all existing superconducting qubit systems.
Scaling Quantum Computing
We build coherent quantum transduction devices enabling networks that connect quantum processors via long-range, low-loss quantum channels.
Bridging the Gap
Our solutions allow for small, high-fidelity quantum processors to be connected into a large, parallel quantum processing unit for more powerful distributed computation.
TUDelft Quantum Nanoscience
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Sustainable Development
the qPhox quantum modem transducer
Quantum Delft
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