Alain Aspect Joins QphoX as Scientific Advisor
DELFT, NETHERLANDS - Today we are extremely excited and at the same time also very humbled to announce that Alain Aspect will join QphoX as our Scientific Advisor!

It is difficult to overstate the significance and impact Prof. Aspect's work has had on quantum physics. He is one of the true pioneers of quantum sciences, having performed some of the most ground breaking experiments on quantum entanglement and on understanding its implications for physics as a whole. Through his work he has helped establish the field of quantum information and enabled the very quantum technologies QphoX is now developing. His contributions to science have been recognized through many prestigious prizes, most importantly the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022.

"It is intriguing to see that fundamental experiments we have performed throughout the years are now being taken out of the lab and are having an impact on real technologies and that QphoX is at the forefront of this development. I'm very excited to be working with this highly talented team!" says Prof. Aspect.

Alain Aspect is joining QphoX as our Scientific Advisor to support the development of our groundbreaking quantum technologies, help us build scalable quantum computers and realize the future quantum internet. We are looking forward to building a bright quantum future together!

About QphoX:

QphoX is developing the world's first Quantum Modem™, a breakthrough device that will allow the quantum computing industry to scale through connectivity and parallelization and unlock the potential of the Quantum Internet. QphoX also provides optical readout and control solutions for quantum processors to address intermediate scaling challenges within single cryostats. QphoX is based in Delft, the Netherlands.

Press Release
24 October, 2022